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1 All black background
On a lozenge Argent on a fess sable three molets or (Clive)In pretence: Argent three molets between two barrulets all between three martlets sable (Husbands)
For Mary, daughter and heir of Martin Husbands, of Wormbridge, who married George Clive, of Styche, and died 1724

2 Dexter background black
Clive, impaling Clive
Crest: A griffin statants argent ducally gorged gules Mantling: Gules and argent Motto: Mors janua vitae
For Sir Edward Clive, who married Judith, daughter of Rev. Benjamin Clive, and died 21 April 1771.

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3 All black background
Qly, 1st and 4th Clive, 2nd and 3rd, Or on a chevron gules three lions passant guardant or (Bolton) In pretence: Azure three arrows, 2 and 1, points downwards or (Archer)
Crest and mantling: As 2 Motto: Audacter et sincere
For Edward Bolton Clive, of Whitfield, who married in 1790 Harriet daughter and co-heir of Andrew, last Baron Archer and died 22 July 1845
4 Sinister background black
Clive In pretence: Paly of eight embattled argent and gules (Wigley) Lover’s knot above and palm branches flanking shield
For Caroline, daughter and co-heir of Edmund Meysey Wigley, of Shakenhurst, Worcs, who in 1840 married the Rev. Archer Clive, of Whitfield, and died 13 July 1873.

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5 All black background
Crescent or for difference In pretence: Wigley
Crest and motto: As 3 Mantling: Sable and argent
For the Rev. Archer Clive who died 17 September 1878